Design is everywhere. It’s always there, anywhere you may look. It’s in nature, It’s in art and architecture, it’s in gadgets and appliances, it’s in machinery, it’s in books and magazines, it’s in shoes, fabrics and clothes, it’s in vehicles, it’s in furniture, it’s in food, it’s in toys and so on. The scope of design extends in almost all fields and career options.

Let’s list some commonly known Professions and Businesses which deal with Design directly or indirectly :

Interior Designers, Exterior View Designers, Renovators, Constructors, Architects, Drafters, Sketch Artists, Town Planners …

Artists, Painters, Illustrators, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Product Photographers, Stock Image Creators, all types of Computer Aided Designers …

Gadget Designers, Appliance Designers, Furniture Designers, Vehicle Designers, Vehicle Modifiers, Carpenters, Toy Designers, any Product Designers …

Fabric Designers, Dress Designers, Food Designers (Cake, Chocolate etc.), Hair Designers, Shoe Designers …

Designing is also the main process in all the Engineering Fields and Tasks e.g Prototyping, Planning and Estimation, Machinery Design etc …

We can continue like this forever. There are infinite design professions and career options …

Let’s assume that you decide to start your career in any of the above design fields (or other design fields not listed here). What would you do, first? If we go by the common sense, you would start learning and developing skills for that particular design field of your choice. There is one problem in this approach. Design is an art and it takes considerable time to fully develop the design skills. So, as the time passes you may get demotivated or attracted to other design field. This is the case with most of the designers and artistic minds. So, what’s the solution?

The solution is to target all the design fields at once, so that you are a total designer. For a total designer, working simultaneously on projects from diverse design fields is easy and changing design field completely is also smooth. You would definitely agree with me on this approach. But your next question would be : Is it really possible to learn all design fields at once? And my answer is a big YES.

Folks, let me introduce you to 3D Design. It’s the doorway to all the design fields. It’s the best starting point, for any design career. The reason being that it gives you a chance to see your designs and creations in full glory before creating them in the real world. If you are developing the 3D Design skills, you are enhancing the skills for all the design fields at once.

Scope of 3D Design

The emergence of 3D Design has impacted and changed the design workflows of almost every field and career option. If you don’t believe me, have a look yourself at 3D Design in action on “Scope of 3D” page.

Scope of 3D

3D Design Training

Realizing the potential of 3D Design, we have designed a training which would give you a practical entry into the world of 3D Design. The main aim of this training is to give your 3D Design career, a strong foundation which would stand the tests of time. You can read more about it on “3D Training” page.

3D Training

Who would get the maximum benefits?

This training has been created for the Beginners, Students as well as Professionals of wide variety of Design fields.

If you are a student in school, college or any other degree or diploma courses, this training can take your skills and exposure to a whole new level. You can use this knowledge to enhance your existing field or to explore totally new career options.

If you are already a professional or business owner related to any design field and want to improve your skills and explore new ways to expand and express your idea and business, this training can be of big help.

If you have made your mind about doing a good job in any design field, this training would give you practical projects to work on, which would help you to build your experience and resume, suitable to your desired field.

If you want to do independent business with your own idea and products, this training can help you plan, estimate cost and visualize your ideas, designs and products before implementing them in the real world.

If you are into professions other than design and have some free time everyday to explore other creative career options as part time work, this training can make you skilled enough to grab them.

If you are waiting for your visa, any results or have some time before joining a job and want to explore new possibilities, which would be of value in any country, place or field, then this training is good for you.

If you have curiosity to design, create and invent new things and gadgets, this training can do wonders and make your task easy. It would make you able to view your creations in full glory before creating them in the real world.

If you don’t find yourself in any of the people above, then you will definitely find yourself in the following people. This training is a big YES to all the people asking questions below :

Duration, Fees and Timings


7 weeks
5 days a week


6 to 8.30 a.m.
11 to 1.30 p.m


9999 + 1 = Rs. 10,000
Because, you would get value for each rupee spent.


10,000 – 1000 = Rs. 9,000
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* There could be some evening timings later on. Also, there is a possibility of a weekend batch. So, let us know your preferences.

The inspiration to create this training came from sincere wish to help out the individuals from the discontent created by the present education and career system which emphasizes on competition more than skills and creative expression. This training guides the individuals to find their unique value and believe in their own ideas and implement them instead of blindly following the experts and ratings.

The content of this training was created from scratch in an easy and simple way. Nothing has been copied from here and there. Special care has been taken to keep this training short and at the same time include all the needed details. One thing is clear that this training would not waste your time and you would get value for each rupee spent. You would be straightaway introduced to the concepts and tricks even if it took months to discover and craft them.

It involved effort and a lot of it. To put this new education idea into manifestation, it took over an year. It includes several incomeless months and sleepless nights. But, at last its there and every type of person would get something from it. This training has already been priced at its minimum, so that it remains in the reach of everyone. The main aim of this training is to fuel the creative spark which is inherent in everyone, so that the world gets the best out of you.

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