There are Infinite career options these days. We can build our life and career around anything. You have all the options starting from totally self dependent lifestyle to totally corporate job culture. Even if nothing predefined suits your needs, you have easy access to the resources and technology to create a totally new and unique career path.

Now, have a look at our Education System. It’s still the same with few defined categories of career. If you adopt one, you are out from the others permanently. It hasn’t evolved with the same pace as technology and resources. But why? There is an obvious reason for that. Be prepared for the truth. This education system, as started by britishers, was never planned for the creative expression, freedom and happiness of the individual but to make him ready to fit into their predefined systems, organizations and job structures.

The britishers have left long ago but their system got embedded in us by constant programming. You can see this system in effect in almost every company, organisation, school and college. The main disadvantage of this system is that is suppresses creativity and emphasizes competition. Competition is not always bad but it becomes unhealthy when the rules of the competition are decided by the third party for their own means.

“Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that its stupid.” – Albert Einstein

When we follow such systems with closed eyes, we may get initial success very fast but in the long run your life becomes shallow and robotic. Soon, you realize that you are stuck and there is no way out. You have become a nut/bolt of a particular system which doesn’t fit anywhere else.

The whole point of discussing about the present education and career systems was not to demotivate you but to make you aware of the fake promises of comfort and security made by the authorities and predefined systems which move you further away from true satisfaction. The only solution is to take your destiny in your own hands and express your passion and uniqueness with all the confidence and freedom. To express yourself fully, you need to first select the skills compatible with your passion and talent. The next step is to develop and sharpen your skills to such a level that wherever you go, you would be welcomed. Let’s take one example.


Assume that you have developed your graphic designing skill to such a level that you can create any image available on the internet. Now, with such a skill you would be welcome in Web Design, Stock Photo Design, Illustrations and Infographics, Education, Art, Pattern Design, Print Design, Banner Design, Idea Design, Fashion Design and many more such fields. In such a situation, you would not be stuck anywhere. You would be always free to change the direction of your life and career.

Compare this skill to a four year degree course with outdated syllabus and useless theories. Such degrees only point to the fact that the individual can follow the strict authorities and useless tasks without any questions. When such people without any practical skills get a job or work, they become totally dependent on the employer and serve them religiously to become a part of their system. This is what I call “the recipe of getting stuck”. Don’t get me wrong here that degree courses are useless. They have their own place. We get a chance to meet new people with different thinking sets and backgrounds. Our minds expand by observing and interacting with different people. Here, colleges and degree courses serve the purpose well but at present they are definitely lacking in skill development.

EvoMasters is all about developing skills because developed skills always lead to quality work which in turn finds its own way and doesn’t require extensive advertising to be a success. If you want another step ahead of success, your outer skills need to be aligned with your inner passion and talent. Only then you would be able to become a master of your work. EvoMasters has the vision to assist and guide you to become masters of your work, career and life as a whole.

The broad category of skill on which we would focus would be Design.There are numerous fields and career options which deal directly with design such as Web Design, Product Design, Gadget Design, Interior Design, Architectural Design, Vehicle Design, Print Design, Furniture Design, Toy Design, Machinery Design, Idea Design, Fashion Design, Fabric Design and infinitely more. All of these can be grouped and learned under one major design field called 3D Design.

Scope of 3D Design

The emergence of 3D Design has impacted and changed the design workflows of almost every field and career. It can even take your Web Design skills to the next level. You can have a glimpse of the impact of 3D Design on the various Design fields and career options on Scope of 3D page.

Scope of 3D

3D Design Training

Realizing the potential of 3D Design, EvoMasters has designed a training which would give you an entry into the world of 3D Design. The main aim of this training is to give your 3D career, a strong foundation which would stand the tests of time. This would make you capable of further experimentation and expansion of your 3D career yourself by developing the most relevant 3D Design skills. You can read more about it on 3D Training page.

3D Training

Training Details PDF

The method, approach, target audience and features of the training have been discussed in detail on 3D Training page. All the remaining details such as duration, fees and timings of the training are included in a PDF. You can download this PDF here.