3D has power to revolutionize the design, development and cost estimation processes of any field.

When we are about to pursue a new career option, there is always a tendency to know it’s scope and value beforehand. It’s in fact, a good idea to research well on the subject. But as discussed earlier on the Career & Life page, the real scope of any work and its compatibility with your talent and passion cannot be known before working on it. Its that simple, but mind has its own doubts and

problems. It wants to be safe. It also needs motivation and inspiration to work. So, get ready to be inspired while we explore the top works of 3D designers around the globe.

The emergence of 3D design has impacted almost every field and career. When we hear or read about 3D, the first thing that always comes to our mind is 3D movies and entertainment industry. Yes, 3D has impacted the entertainment industry massively but it’s only tip of the iceberg. 3D has power to revolutionize the design, development and cost estimation processes of any field.

Enough introduction already! Now, let’s go straight to the scope and impact of 3D on some of the major fields and professions on internet and in the physical world.

Impact of 3D on Web Design

Web Design is the art of presenting information in an easy, readable and accessible manner.

In the earliest days, web pages were just a combination of text, some images and links to other web pages. We have come a long way from there to illustrative images, immersive videos and interactive user interfaces.There is massive increase in the number of websites over the few years. It means that the user can find the required information at more than one place. Due to this the average time for which a user stays on a web page has decreased.

So, if we want the users to stay on our web page, we need less text and more pictures and graphics because pictures, graphics and videos deliver

information much faster and offer more interaction. While designing web pages, we can get these images and graphics from google or we can buy them from, and other such websites. If we download them from google, they might have copyright issues and if we buy them, they can be expensive and time consuming to search. So, another way could be to create them yourself because some projects require unique graphics and images to present the idea. This is where 3D does the job well. The best examples are landing pages where a product or service is sold. The detailed 360 views of products is another widest use of 3D. Below are some examples of web pages where 3D has been used extensively. If you want more, you easily find such designs everywhere on the internet.

Apart from using images in your web design projects, you can also create images to sell them on various websites such as previously mentioned and other such websites. Below are some images being sold on for about $5 to $15 and you can create these images yourself in about 30 minutes in 3D. Also, such images once created can be sold multiple times.

Impact of 3D on Product Design & Manufacturing

Look around yourself wherever you may be sitting. Everything that you see is a product of some kind. So it would be silly to ask the question of scope of product design. It’s rather self evident. All the lovely and exciting gadgets, everyday household things, vehicles etc. are designed first in 3D and then manifested in the real world.

Product design is a vast field where 3D has restructured all the production processes. Earlier the products were manufactured first as a prototype for testing and cost estimation. But now, 3D has eliminated the need for prototypes in most of the cases. All the estimations are now done before the start of production. Thanks to the 3D design.

Apart from the shape and dimensions of the product, 3D can also be used to decide the color and texture of the product. We can easily try various color and texture combinations in 3D which was very difficult earlier when we had to try everything in real life.

For the sake of giving visual examples we have picked only some broad categories of products such as gadgets, furniture, vehicles, toys which are now completely dependent of 3D for design and manufacturing.

Impact of 3D on Architecture

Architecture is the field which has been completely revolutionized by the 3D design. Whether it is the exterior design of houses, workplaces and buildings or the interior design, nobody can do it efficiently without 3D nowadays.

Let’s take the example of all the architectural wonders of new age. How were they possible? They were pre-planned to the precision of inches or centimeters before they began to construct in the physical reality. Also, all the cost estimations were done beforehand with the help of 3D design.

Here, some would say : what about the ancient architectural wonders? Well, they had enough resources and had the biggest asset called time. Today everything is being created on deadlines. In such case we can’t rely on our imagination or pen and paper alone. We need the power of pictorial imagination with accuracy so that it can be easily and quickly brought into the real world.

3D is used to create Aerial views, Exterior views and Interior design for any architectural project as illustrated below:


This is the image which tells the whole story about the exterior and interior of an architectural project. This is also called Aerial View or Bird’s Eye View because the camera is looking at the construction site from a top angle and because of that roof is always hidden. Some walls are also lowered for a better view of all the interior objects and furniture.

This view clears most of the doubts from the client’s mind. This is also the mandatory view required by construction companies, who want to sell their apartments/office spaces before construction.


Exterior Architecture includes the exterior and front views of buildings, houses and other construction sites.This is easier work as compared to Aerial views and Interior design if we just use sky and ground as environment. If we also add other details like plants, trees and people it requires more time and effort.

Plants, trees and people can be skipped to make the project easy and quick or they can be easily added later in photoshop software if required by the client specifically.


Interior Design is all about combining patterns and colors to create a soothing and lively environment. Another important thing about interior design is the placement of interior elements and objects. The objects should be placed in such a way that the space doesn’t look crowded in any way.

3D Design is a great blessing to the Interior Design, as we can test various options in color, texture, design elements and furniture arrangements very easily before starting anything in the physical world. It was not possible earlier with the 2D maps provided by the architects. Now, everything can be selected to precision by the client before actually beginning the work in real world.

When we are defining the scope of anything, we should include everything from monetary value to meaning and satisfaction in life. We have already talked about the scope of 3D as a career in various fields. Now let’s talk about the role of 3D in the progress of humanity. There is nothing more satisfying and meaningful to note how your work is affecting the future of humanity.

There were some great scientists like Nikola Tesla, who could test their yet to be made gadgets and machines in their imagination. They could imagine the different parts of their machines in mind and also they could assemble the parts and able to run them all inside the mind. This is the most energy efficient way of working. But we haven’t developed our imagination muscle upto that level. If we need to manifest something in reality, we need a clear tangible plan to start working. Here come the role of 3D visualization or we can say 3D imagination. The imagination in the form of pictures from different angles and may be an animation or video. So, using 3D we can bring new and useful things into the world and serve the people and humanity as a whole. The good news is that you no longer need a production factory to create new innovative products. Thanks to the invention of a machine which creates real products from 3D design. This magic machine is called 3D Printer.

3D Printer

3D printer is the greatest invention of this decade. You can bring your inventions and products from computer to real life in the space of your home or office with the help of this machine. This machine is already available in market and you can get the basic type of 3D printer which creates products from plastic material in just about the price of a laptop. Can you imagine the scope and possibilities it has opened to the independent researchers and product manufacturers? Immense potential indeed. This potential has already been tamed by some individuals and companies around the globe and many are joining hands everyday. You can read many success stories on the internet. Day is not far when our houses would be created by crane sized 3D printers in just a couple of days. This has already been done and would be available to private contractors soon.


From above examples it’s clear that 3D has impacted and changed the design workflows of web design, product design and architecture design completely. Other fields where 3D has begun to enter are education, research and many more. I leave these fields for you to explore yourself.

Now, we have come to a point where we can easily conclude that future is 3D. The present impact of 3D design on almost every field is already breathtaking.

3D Design Training

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